Forever Connected - Kathleen Brooks

Forever Connected

By Kathleen Brooks

  • Release Date: 2023-08-08
  • Genre: Romantic Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 288 Ratings


Years ago, on the darkest night of Poppy and Zinnia’s lives, they got a letter. It was from three elderly sisters in the small town of Keeneston, inviting them to visit and if interested, take a job. The Rose Sisters had wanted to retire, but they’d wanted family to take over their small café. Poppy and Zinnia Meadows, orphaned, alone, and in danger, left in the dead of night and raced toward the hope of a future they knew may come crashing down at any moment. That moment is now.
Talon Bainbridge and Lucas Sharpe are teammates in the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team based near Keeneston. The two friends have both fallen hard for the Meadows sisters, but suddenly the girls end what never had the chance to begin. Something was going on, but neither Poppy nor Zinnia would tell them what it was when all they wanted to do was to help the women they loved from afar.
Poppy had been hiding a secret from her older sister and everyone in Keeneston. Someone knew what happed that graduation night back in Alabama when their lives changed forever. They’d been taunting Poppy for almost a year. As they approached the anniversary of the night their lives changed, the threats had escalated. With no other option, Poppy comes clean to Zinnia. They turn to Talon and Lucas, the two men they trust most, to protect them from the past knowing they may have to sacrifice their future to do so.


  • 4 POV book

    By AprilTx96
    A little slow as it bounces back and forth between 4 points of view, but the story wouldn’t work otherwise. As usual Kathleen has created a masterpiece of emotions. You laugh, you enjoy the suspense, you laugh some more and you cheer for the good guys.
  • Wow I loved it

    By MelissaNY666
    We got to know Poppy and Zinnia, their relationships and history as to what brought then to Keeneston.
  • The past

    By Diva Princess1
    Zinnias and Poppy are no longer the mysterious sisters. They were young when their parents were murdered. Poppy was taken advantage of by an older guy, which lead the to leave town in Alabama. They found out about the Rose sister and moved to Keeneston. They were in trouble so they thought, so they didn’t talk about their past. But as usual Keeneston to the rescue and in to the arms of Talon and Lucas. Exciting suspenseful. Food dead.
  • Best ever

    By Coloradogal
    This is probably the best ever! And Keeneston at its best! This series only gets better and better! Love these four and glad they finally get it all together! And Bertha is great too.
  • Connecting great!

    By Grey Wolf Fan
    Really great book (just like all of KB books) Love Talon and Lucas (and Bertha) Glad Nikki stepped up for the girls. Maybe Sam and she could stay a couple. Also, loved Adam popping up every so often. Great HEA! Now it’s Kale’s turn and I am so looking forward to Cassidy’s.