Saving Shadows - Kathleen Brooks

Saving Shadows

By Kathleen Brooks

  • Release Date: 2018-10-23
  • Genre: Romantic Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 519 Ratings


Gavin Faulkner was the only doctor in the small South Carolina inner coastal town of Shadows Landing. He was used to patching up everything from fishing lures stuck in skin to gator bites. Nothing could surprise him anymore—except when he found an unconscious woman partially submerged near his dock after a fierce thunderstorm.

Ellery St. John’s last memory was of a bat swinging toward her head. The next thing she knew, she was cold, wet, and a sexy man was pressing his lips to hers. Too bad it turned out to be CPR instead of a passionate kiss.

Gavin thought Ellery would be safe in the small town where BBQ wars were the biggest danger, but he was wrong. Now it was up to him to help Ellery put the pieces together in order to discover who had tried to kill her and why before they both ended up at the bottom of the ocean.


  • I didn’t like iy

    By Hillaryw
    I skimmed most of this book. I feel that there was so much useless filler I lost interest in it almost from the beginning. The only reason I finished it was because I paid for it. Waste of money
  • Wayyyy too busy!

    By happyyreaderr
    I absolutely loved the first 2 bluegrass series so I had high hopes! What I got with saving shadows felt more like an amateur writer who added characters in hopes that it would make the book more exciting and fun. But in reality it was just a clustered mess that was in no way believable! I mean how do you go from a head wound that should have killed her to racing from a church for a seat at a bbq joint just 2 days later? I understand it’s fiction but come on!
  • Saving Shadows

    By Chicky345
    Ellery has lost her memory after being thrown into the ocean and left to drown. When Gavin Faulkner the town Dr. rescues her out of the water, he immediately knows that he must protect her. Until Ellery's memory returns she must stay hidden in Shadows Landing unsure of who attacked her or even who she it. This small town is a long history of pirate ancestors and has no problem defending Ellery when her identity is revealed and her attacker comes to find her. With each of Kathleen's books it's hard not to fall a little bit in love with each of her quirky small towns, the outrageous residents, and the unique feeling of belonging. If it were possible I would have already packed my bags and moved to Shadow's Landing or Keeneston (Bluegrass Series). As always the narration by Eric G Dove was amazing. Def at the very top of my favorites list.
  • Book 1 Dr Gavin and Ellery

    By MelissaNY666
    The Charleston Family has to have their own series but family stick together in Keeseton or Shadows Landing. Get to know the cousin and Shadows Landing with a suspenseful romance.
  • Saving Shadows

    By What house?
    This was the corniest book I have ever read. It got worse after I purchased it, of course. I can’t believe anyone thinks the many characters sound like real people. A doctor goes against ethics and starts touching and holding hands with a patient he rescued and the rescued girl wants a doctor, so thinks about him “getting into her panties” right away. Then he and the law don’t follow protocol, take her to the hospital, hide from law enforcement. Hicksville. Everyone knows everyone’s business, are best friends and/or related and the whole clan get together all the time and go to church. I kept thinking I was reading a teenager’s version of a fairy tale. Someone from the Deep South. I had to quickly skim the last few chapters. I don’t know how I got through it, because it didn’t get any better. No wonder divorce rates are so high if people think it’s that simple to fall in love immediately, totally change your life and live a fairytale in a new world with immediate accepting friends and family. Really stupid and unrealistic, including the last few revengeful plots to go after someone.

    By jdcblc
    You will NEVER be disappointed reading any of Kathleen’s books. You will laugh, cry, find suspense, and laugh some more.
  • New Favorite!!

    By Baxsquez
    I’m a fan of all Kathleen’s books but, as a southern girl, this has to be one of my favorites! It’s just as gripping as her other novels with a love story intertwined with a suspenseful plot. I couldn’t put it down!! Can’t wait for the next in the series!
  • A Great Start To A New Series!

    By Cleisk
    Kathleen Brooks' spin-off of her Forever Bluegrass Series couldn't be more perfect. Shadows Landing gives you the kinship, comic relief and interesting characters you find in Keeneston, but it has a history and charm all of its own. As the first book in her new series, Saving Shadows does a great job painting a picture of the quirky, historic town of Shadows Landing, SC that was founded by pirates and makes you want to plan your next vacation there in hopes of seeing ghost tours or possibly Bubba the alligator. If you enjoy Kathleen's Bluegrass series, then you'll love Saving Shadows!
  • Love this story!!!

    By ToughTiny123
    Kathleen did it again!! Another story that you cannot help but love. This story hooks you in from the begging. This spin-off is great!! The connection to Keeneston is amazing. You get more people to love. Gavin and Ellery’s story is action packed from start to finish. Poor Ellery wakes up from a viscous attack to an attractive man giving her a kiss, but in actuality it’s CPR, you know it’s going to be a great story. I couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it. The characters in this book are so well written you can’t help but fall in love with them. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.
  • Get to know Shadows Landing

    By Coloradogal
    A new fun series from Kathleen Brooks. If you love her Bluegrass Series you will love this first book about the Faulkner family with cross overs with the Davies family. They have quirky folks in the town you will love! I totally recommend her new series!