Rogue Lies - Kathleen Brooks

Rogue Lies

By Kathleen Brooks

  • Release Date: 2017-05-16
  • Genre: Romantic Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 156 Ratings


The secret is out . . .

Tate Carlisle had been the most popular up and coming television journalist until she’d been unfairly fired. Now she’d been recruited to join an elite and well-trained team to fight the secret group aiming to rule the world from the shadows. Tate uses her own talents to uncover the true story. Major pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together as more culprits are identified. As she works through the investigation, she quickly discovers the people in the shadows will stop at nothing to stay anonymous.

Birch Stratton’s unlikely rise to be the most powerful man in the country has placed him in a unique position to stop an anonymous group from stealing control of the government. Birch was never meant to be president. Instead, the increasingly popular former Army Officer offering a new vision had been neutralized by those he believed to be his political allies when he was nominated and elected Vice President. When the elected president unexpectedly dies, Birch assumes the presidency and is thrust into the secret world of bribes, extortion, affairs, and a battle for the soul of the United States.

Tate’s new job as White House Press Secretary puts her in the line of fire from all sides. When she and Birch find themselves falling for each other, they are torn between their jobs, duty, and their hearts. Split-second decisions are now a matter of life and death . . . but will the next lead story be about her death or those she cares about?


  • Wow!!

    By inveterate reader
    Great read. Love the story line and the characters. All good people who got a bum deal but who are fighting back against the bad guys. Getting ready to read the third in the series. Please write more!!
  • Whew!

    By Diva Princess1
    Tate used to be a reporter, but now she the White House Press Secretary, working with a secret group put together by the President of the United States. This group is working on a special task to find corruption in the White House. The President has just been sworn in but doesn't know who he can trust or who's out to get him. This story is full of suspense, every conversation could possibly lead to the death of someone, only leaving more questions to be answered. President Birch is a single man and can't stop thinking about Tate. They both try to hide their growing feelings for each other, but are failing at it. OMG, there are soo many characters to talk about, my suggestion is to read you will love it.... Valeria where are you?
  • Rouge Lies

    By Barb R.
    Just as Great as the first in the series. Fooled my self thinking that I had #3. Wrong! It's on pre order. Not til October.! Can't wait to read it.
  • Rogue lies

    By Nina griffy
    Rogue lies--- Kathleen Brooks has me hook, line and sinker. Do I really have to wait till October for the next book! It's worth the wait.
  • Edge of my seat!!!

    By Rhiltonnm
    This story was edge of my seat rooting for the underdogs to win. Tate was amazing, you could see her blossom and grow in strength and confidence with each page and who doesn't love a sexy single Mr. President. The rest of the group continues to amaze and astound me with their energy and fearlessness!!!! Will be waiting not so patiently for the next installment. Well done!!!