Hopeless - Colleen Hoover


By Colleen Hoover

  • Release Date: 2022-08-23
  • Genre: New Adult Romance
Score: 4.5
From 1,907 Ratings


From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of It Starts with Us, It Ends with Us, and All Your Perfects comes the beginning of Sky and Dean’s passionate love story—where well-kept secrets threaten to opens wounds of a dark past.

Would you rather know a truth that makes you feel hopeless, or keep believing the lies?

Beloved and bestselling author Colleen Hoover returns with the spellbinding story of two young people with devastating pasts who embark on a passionate, intriguing journey to discover the lessons of life, love, trust—and above all, the healing power that only truth can bring.

Sky, a senior in high school, meets Dean Holder, a guy with a promiscuous reputation that rivals her own. From their very first encounter, he terrifies and captivates her. Something about him sparks memories of her deeply troubled past, a time she’s tried so hard to bury. Though Sky is determined to stay far away from him, his unwavering pursuit and enigmatic smile break down her defenses and the intensity of the bond between them grows. But the mysterious Holder has been keeping secrets of his own, and once they are revealed, Sky is changed forever and her ability to trust may be a casualty of the truth.

Only by courageously facing the stark revelations can Sky and Holder hope to heal their emotional scars and find a way to live and love without boundaries. Hopeless is a novel that will leave you breathless, entranced, and remembering your own first love.


  • Wow

    By Lexi6158
    I was not expecting this but it was great. However, this is a 17 & 18 year with love like this, not believable.
  • WOW.

    By ladygom
    When I say I went through every emotion in this book, I mean it. So well written and one everyone should have read. In its way, it has its own happy ever after ending.
  • One of the best books I’ve ever read

    By topsail1
    Starts off slow, and repetitive- but outlines what’s to come. Plot twist after plot twist. Soooo good.
  • Love the ending

    By marlenneh
    This book was an amazing love story that also came with shocking events. This book will have you with your mouth open in shock and everything that goes on. The ending to me was beautiful. I would read this again.
  • Amazing

    By wavys0ul
    The plot twists are my favorite and as someone who experienced similar the tears kept coming but my heart kept smiling.
  • Hopelessly in love

    This book is everything
  • Love her but not my favorite book by her.

    By Dlake girl
    It took awhile for me to get into it and even longer to make me feel the need to page turn. Still I’m walking away happy I finished it and with the ending it makes me end the book in peace.

    By SoccerPlaya17
    Amazing. I absolutely loved this book, it was plot twist after plot twist and it kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. Such a great read!!! 10/10 highly recommended if you love Colleen Hoover books!
  • Couldn’t stop reading

    By wlwevesque
    I picked up the book Finding Cinderella at the airport because I forgot my book at home when I travelled last. It wasn’t until I finished it that I realized it was book 3 in a series of books. I almost didn’t read this one because I thought I already knew what was to come. I am so glad I did read this one. This is my second to last Colleen Hoover book for me to complete all the Colleen Hoover books. I love her writing style and the characters she writes about. It will actually make me a little sad to finish up with Losing Hope to know I will have read ALL of Colleen Hoover’s books this year. Needless to say, I am a fan!!
  • Incredible

    By Kay Wilson 13
    Absolutely incredible writing!