Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns - Alex Berenson

Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns

By Alex Berenson

  • Release Date: 2020-06-05
  • Genre: Biology
Score: 4.5
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Former New York Times reporter and prominent lockdown critic Alex Berenson provides a counterweight to media hysteria about coronavirus in this series of short booklets answering crucial questions about COVID. Drawing on primary sources from all over the world - including state and national-level government data, Centers for Disease Control reports, and papers in prominent scientific journals - Unreported Truths offers clear, concise, and measured answers to some of the most important questions around the coronavirus. Whether you have been skeptical of the media's panicked reporting all along or are just starting to wonder why the predictions of doom from March and April have not come to pass, Unreported Truths will provide you with the factual, accurate, and impeccably sourced information you need. Please note: Unreported Truths will be published in multiple sections. Part 1 includes an introduction, an examination of the way COVID deaths are counted, and a forecast for a potential worst-case scenario of coronavirus deaths in the United States.


  • Drowning the baby in the bath water

    By mudblood.doc
    Historians will understand our enfeebled responses and current predicament precisely because disinformation such as this exists the document the pervasive and perverse prevarications.
  • Great read.

    By frecklesdelight
    Factual, well cited so you can look up and do your own research. Great for people who are scared to leave their house and need something to do with their time other than watching the news, crying and getting tested constantly.
  • Interesting Facts

    By curlupandreadabook
    Finally, a journalist who adheres to the old fashioned principal of citing sources. This publication cuts through the noise.
  • Unreported truths about COVID-19 and lockdowns. Part 1.

    By DBIssaq
    An excellent and measured summary of facts, without an obvious political agenda. Highly recommend if anyone wants to think through the issues around Covid
  • A Must Read

    By Bossguy6
    Finally someone has written a fact-based and thoughtful analysis of COVID and our public policy response. More people need to read this report so we can have an intelligent and fact-based discussion as a nation about the trade-offs we’re making in response to the disease.
  • Excellent evidence-based report

    By nurse dan
    The author followed the evidence where it took him. He adamantly refused to answer questions for which evidence was lacking. He gives an excellent balance to those reports that are based more on private agendas, politics, or $$$. I am a retired RN who has dealt with infectious diseases that required serious attention of protective equipment protocols. I would recommend this booklet to doctors, nurses and other medical folks. It would be great if all politicians in decision making positions would read it too!
  • Concise and clarifying

    By amsbary
    A must-read for anyone who wants the full truth about SARS-COV-2 and our response to it.
  • Truth.

    By TannerClark92
    Finally someone brave enough to report the “truth”. Thank You Alex!
  • Well researched and cited

    By rho85
    Simply good journalism.
  • Uncovering the media panic-demic

    By fwtx97
    Alex does an excellent job unraveling the truth found in actual studies and real numbers in the face of the mass media incited panic-demic over the past few months.