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Summary of Industries of the Future From Alec Ross

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  • Release Date: 2016-11-05
  • Genre: Study Aids


Alec Ross is no doubt a gifted writer. He works the delicate balance between being understood as clearly as possible, without diluting his facts easily. In the structure of the book, he arranges information in a way that is both relevant to the title and in a way the reader was able to understand. In the first four chapters he focuses on the industries where the most innovation is most likely to occur: Chapter one focuses on robotics, chapter two on life sciences, chapter three on movement from physical money to virtual money, and finally chapter four on cyber security. Chapter five breaks down how big data can be used as a raw material and how it can work hand in hand with the above innovations for the greater good. The last chapter of the book focuses on how countries, companies, and individuals can better equip themselves to benefit fully from the industries of the future.

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