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Eat Dirt Summary

By Summary Station

  • Release Date: 2016-08-15
  • Genre: Study Aids


The gut is very important because it is the control panel for a person’s overall state of health. When a person is healthy their intestinal lining works the same way as a filter does. A healthy gut has the ability to keep out bad toxins and keep in good elements. When the gut is overloaded with too many bad toxins the intestinal walls will begin to break down as a result. When breakdown takes place within the junctions of the intestinal walls, toxins will be able to make their way into a person’s immune system and healthy food will not be able to benefit people as well.
Now that some doctors are beginning to realize the importance of maintaining a healthy gut they are beginning to discover the connections between the gut and the immune system. Dr. James Versalovic is a professor of pathology with the Baylor College of medicine and he has done extensive research in regards to the partnership between the gut and the way the rest of the body functions. This doctor has discovered that a person’s gut begins to develop before they are born and this means that it is important to begin taking measures to ensure a person will have a healthy gut when they are still developing in their mother’s womb.