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Brief Candle in the Dark Summary

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  • Release Date: 2016-11-05
  • Genre: Study Aids


Learn About The Life Of Richard Dawkins And Modern Science In A Fraction Of The Time It Takes To Read The Actual Book!!!

Brief Candle in the Dark: My life in Science is a greatly interesting book. From one who doesn't understand the deeper biological systems and natural selection, genetics and Darwinian Theory fully, much of it was easy to read. There are a set of stories Dawkins tells in this book, anecdotes and recollections of some of the major points he has experienced in the second half of his working life. Dawkins himself tells you as you read there is no particular time line to this book, it is more a stream of consciousness, a casual recounting of his life. Despite this, there is a sense of the passage of time as he recounts some of the stories, most amusing, some controversial and a few sad, which have shaped his view of the world and his life. In his twelve published books, Dawkins has developed and honed many evolutionary and genetic theories which he summarizes in the second half of the book. He uses extracts and written evidence from his own books and other sources, quoting his own and the words of others to demonstrate these theories and some of the responses to them.

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•How Richard Dawkins Became One Of The Greatest Scientists Of Our Time

•The Reason Why Dawkin's Work Has Been Criticized

•Learn About Dawkin's Scientific Theories