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Accidental Saints Summary

By Summary Station

  • Release Date: 2016-04-10
  • Genre: Study Aids


Nadia is a woman who grew up with a very strict view of how to imagine Christ, God, and the Bible. Because of that she felt she just couldn’t live up to what she was taught so she withdrew and became a different person. She went through trials and tribulations. Maybe more than some of us do. She was a drug user and abused alcohol. She was angry, depressed, and scared. But somehow she came through the other side. Despite still being a swearing, sarcastic, tattooed, and sometimes angry woman, she found her way back to God and became a Lutheran pastor for All Saints and Sinners Church in Colorado. She felt like she never fit in as she was growing up, and that has actually helped her lead her fellow parishioners through their own troubles. She uses her stories, tells her truths, and is fully open about herself showing that she is not perfect to help them see what a hard, wonderful, tough, beautiful, strange place we all share through God’s grace.