The Women - Kristin Hannah

The Women

By Kristin Hannah

  • Release Date: 2024-02-06
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4.5
From 7,173 Ratings


A #1 bestseller on The New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times!

From the celebrated author of The Nightingale and The Four Winds comes Kristin Hannah's The Women—at once an intimate portrait of coming of age in a dangerous time and an epic tale of a nation divided.

Women can be heroes. When twenty-year-old nursing student Frances “Frankie” McGrath hears these words, it is a revelation. Raised in the sun-drenched, idyllic world of Southern California and sheltered by her conservative parents, she has always prided herself on doing the right thing. But in 1965, the world is changing, and she suddenly dares to imagine a different future for herself. When her brother ships out to serve in Vietnam, she joins the Army Nurse Corps and follows his path.

As green and inexperienced as the men sent to Vietnam to fight, Frankie is over-whelmed by the chaos and destruction of war. Each day is a gamble of life and death, hope and betrayal; friendships run deep and can be shattered in an instant. In war, she meets—and becomes one of—the lucky, the brave, the broken, and the lost.

But war is just the beginning for Frankie and her veteran friends. The real battle lies in coming home to a changed and divided America, to angry protesters, and to a country that wants to forget Vietnam.

The Women is the story of one woman gone to war, but it shines a light on all women who put themselves in harm’s way and whose sacrifice and commitment to their country has too often been forgotten. A novel about deep friendships and bold patriotism, The Women is a richly drawn story with a memorable heroine whose idealism and courage under fire will come to define an era.


  • Thanks...

    By potyigfry
    Excellent book! Finished it on Memorial Day... how fitting... Thanks to ALL for their service!
  • Brave Women

    By Sissy CCC
    I have enjoyed reading “The Women”, because it was so realistic. The emotions I felt while reading it were so real! Thank you!
  • Remarkable. Important.

    By naomi0110
    This book was so good. I’m not a historical fiction person but this book was amazing from start to finish. It definitely enlightened me to a lot that I didn’t know about and I’m so glad I read it. You won’t regret reading this!
  • Amazing story that needed to be told

    By NoS x VIPER
    This book was an eye opener! It brought the Vietnam war to light. A reminder All our veterans are brave Amazing people deserving of great gratitude and respect.
  • Couldn’t finish

    By mamsprice
    Depressing, sad, two many descriptive surgical details however, having lived through that era caused stressful, bad memories of how our veterans were treated.
  • Nam

    By Colorado Kathy
    This was especially interesting to me since my husband was helicopter pilot in Vietnam. It wasn’t a feel good book but a true, gritty and bloody realistic description of what went on over there. Everyone should know this history, especially how the vets, the women were treated when they came home. I had no idea how those brave women were ignored. Wonderful ending! Loved the book and sailed right through it with Hannah’s wonderful writing!
  • Love

    By chrissy lou71
    Didn’t want to put it down!!
  • The Women

    By Nickishel
  • Breathtaking… and heart wrenching…

    By luvcats13
    This book was nearly impossible to put down, telling a story all us Americans need to hear and to feel, deep down in our bones. Some of the most gut wrenching memories of my childhood are of my father watching the evening news every night and every night seeing a count of how many American military were killed in Vietnam each day. For a ten year old child, the numbers were hard to understand, harder to put into context. Each year, I watched my father, a proud Navy man, active duty in the Korean “conflict” and current Naval Reservist, become more and more tight lipped about what was happened in Vietnam. He had been vociferous in his disgust at those protesting the war, called those who burned their draft cards - treasonous, but obviously very uncomfortable, distraught even, when the US government and President Nixon began to tell the truth - the US was gonna pull out of Vietnam without a victory. Though they wouldn’t admit it was actually lost and definitely wouldn’t admit to it being wrong to begin with and certainly vehemently denied the lies we now know they told to prevent whole scale opposition to the war by the majority of the American people. This book not only reminded me of that and expanded my understanding of those years, after all I was a young child witnessing something I couldn’t understand, but brought new knowledge emphasizing women’s contributions to saving many Americans only to come home to the same disgust the returning men faced but also denial that they were even “real” veterans. Excellent and compelling writing, but definitely not a “light” beach read!
  • Bygone years.

    By Trying Hard 123
    A book for women who came to maturity in the late 60’s and early 70’s with the repressive attitudes toward women in those years. A real page-turner.