Dirty Thirty - Janet Evanovich

Dirty Thirty

By Janet Evanovich

  • Release Date: 2023-10-31
  • Genre: Women Sleuths
Score: 4.5
From 1,431 Ratings



Janet Evanovich, the “most popular mystery writer alive” (The New York Times), is in top form as she sends Stephanie Plum on the trail of a stolen stash of dirty diamonds.

Stephanie Plum, Trenton’s hardest working, most underappreciated bounty hunter, is offered a freelance assignment that seems simple enough. Local jeweler Martin Rabner wants her to locate his former security guard, Andy Manley (a.k.a. Nutsy), who he is convinced stole a fortune in diamonds out of his safe. Stephanie is also looking for another troubled man, Duncan Dugan, a fugitive from justice arrested for robbing the same jewelry store on the same day.

With her boyfriend Morelli away in Miami on police business, Stephanie is taking care of Bob, Morelli’s giant orange dog who will devour anything, from Stephanie’s stray donuts to the upholstery in her car. Morelli’s absence also means the inscrutable, irresistible security expert Ranger is front and center in Stephanie’s life when things inevitably go sideways. And he seems determined to stay there.

To complicate matters, her best friend Lula is convinced she is being stalked by a mythological demon hell-bent on relieving her of her wardrobe. An overnight stakeout with Stephanie’s mother and Grandma Mazur reveals three generations of women with nerves of steel and driving skills worthy of NASCAR champions.

As the body count rises and witnesses start to disappear, it won’t be easy for Stephanie to keep herself clean when everyone else is playing dirty. It’s a good thing Stephanie isn’t afraid of getting a little dirty, too.


  • Better than last 2 or 3

    By Aloweo
    Purchased at a discounted price. Better than the last few.
  • Dirty Thirty

    By Kayebug101
    Can’t go wrong with Plum!!!
  • Wow

    By Doodle walker
    Holy cow didn’t see that coming can’t wait for the next book
  • Stephanie TOPs herself

    By CaKris
    This time it’s Stephanie in Charge while the men in her life are away. She shows how she Can handle it and that she IS able to plan and execute. So maybe she has to manage someone trying to kill her by burning out her home. Well guess again. Your talking Stephanie Plumb, here, not some bimbo. Good read.
  • Great

    By Dwunk
    Awesome book
  • Dirty Thirty

    By Reena56
    A classic fun Stephanie Plum book. I love that Stephanie and her friends are back . As always there is a crime, a car blown up or destroyed, an apartment ruined . A fast paced story that doesn’t disappoint . Look forward to book thirty one and an answer to Stephanie’s dilemma Morrelli or Ranger .
  • Evanovich at Her Best

    By mdr6954
    I’ve been reading these books for years. Every time I finish one I can’t wait for the next. By now, Stephanie, Lula, and Connie seem like old friends. The books are funny, zany, and a great escape from reality. Thank you, Janet, for another wild ride!
  • A Surprising Ending

    By asildroffops
    Dirty Thirty makes more than 30 Stephanie Plum novels by the talented Janet Evanovich. As usual the book was filled with several mysteries to be solved, FTAs with comical crimes to be captured, some explosions, some life or death situations, and some pretty big surprises. In this volume, Stephanie, a Bond Enforcer who flies by the seat of her pants, was tasked with bringing in a failed jewel thief and hired privately by the jeweler to locate a missing security guard whom he suspected of stealing additional jewels. In the midst of her many skip trace cases, Stephanie worked with Ranger, Connie, Lula and Grandma Mazer to solve the lingering questions about the jewel thefts all while babysitting Bob for Morelli, who was out of town to testify in a trial. I was frequently amused while reading this book and there were some really surprising twists for Stephanie near the end of this novel. If you are a Stephanie Plum fan, you’ll love the antics of Stephanie’s crew, and if you aren’t a Stephanie Plum fan, you should be! These books are part mystery, part comedy, a splash of suspense, and a pinch or two of romance. There is something for everyone! Other than some kissing and references to spice, this book barely registers on the spice meter. With the cliffhanger at the end of the book, I will be anxiously waiting for Thirty-one. I am voluntarily leaving this honest review after reading an advanced complementary copy of this book thanks to Netgalley and Atria Books.
  • Dirty Thirty

    By Christian singer & dancer
    As always, another great read by Janet Evanovich! I can’t wait for the next one.
  • Same old Same old

    By Weathergirl8
    Nothing much changes for n these books