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How to be an Antiracist Summary

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  • Release Date: 2020-06-20
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How to be an Antiracist: A Comprehensive Summary

We live in a society where, despite our technological sophistication and nurturing personal isolation, everything is inextricably interdependent. We depend on a wide network of strangers every day, just to keep us alive. These strangers grow the food that we eat, bring that food and clean water to our reach, build our residences, enable us to cool and heat those residences, and transport us from one place to another. These strangers provide us with necessary products and services, our approach to healthcare and valuable information (AKA education) facilitate ways for us to earn and spend money and do almost anything in modern life.
If millions of those strangers are illiterate, unhealthy, or yoked by poverty or racism, we will not be fine. The notion that “we” will not suffer even if “they” do is a dangerous illusion that not only jeopardizes everyone’s basic well-being, it dampens the brilliance, innovation, creativity, and delight that makes life worth living beyond mere survival. 
  Intercultural education is an effective part of discussion and integration. In Intercultural we see diverse culture as an opportunity and not a threat, and that is the reason why respect and interest indifference are part of it 
  In Intercultural, it is believed that education is a necessary tool to bring the many different cultural displays and realities closer to the community. It means that through Education, it is feasible to connect cultures in order to know and respect each other instead of rejecting them. 
 All of us need to summon and openly condemn all messages – especially political messages or discourses – which disseminate ideas based on racial superiority or hatred, or which incite racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance. 
By listening to the authority of people of color in the wider conversation about eradicating racism, whites can take steady, even simple steps towards becoming allies in the fight against racial inequality, not merely bystanders — or worse, perpetrators. 
  Hate must be combatted with acts of goodness. Sitting home with your good deeds and virtue does no good to society. In the face of hate, silence is deadly. Apathy will be interpreted as acceptance — by the perpetrators, the public, and — worse — the victims. If left unchallenged, hate persists and grows. Take seriously the smallest hint of hate — even what appears to be simple name-calling. The Department of Justice has a warning: Slurs often escalate to harassment, harassment to threats, and threats to physical violence. Don’t wait to fight hate. 
  It is our job and responsibility, as people, as parents, as citizens of the world, to fight racism and xenophobia wherever we can. 

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