Zion National Park Shuttle Stops Landscape Guide and Glossary - Bruce Vandre

Zion National Park Shuttle Stops Landscape Guide and Glossary

By Bruce Vandre

  • Release Date: 2017-10-11
  • Genre: United States


The main attraction in Zion National Park is its landscape.  We marvel when viewing or photographing the canyons, cliffs and summits.  What’s the value of a memory or photo without a name?  Would you like to be able to identify Angels Landing, The Great White Throne, Castle Dome, Jacob Peak, The Pulpit, Hidden Canyon or more than 40 other canyons and summits?  Are you interested in recognizing the geologic formations that are the building blocks of the landscape?

Both landscape and geologic features are labeled on photos and maps.  Knowing more than a name can add value to the identification experience.  Some of the labels provide touch links to the Glossary that describe the origin of map place names and define the geologic and landscape terms.  Other attractions, including nearby trails, are identified for each Shuttle Stop.  More than 100 photos, 15 hill shaded 3D projections, 60 annotated aerial photos and 85 glossary terms are included.