Normandy - Lorenzo Di Loreto & Andrea Santinelli


By Lorenzo Di Loreto & Andrea Santinelli

  • Release Date: 2014-05-07
  • Genre: Europe


To commemorate the 70th anniversary of Normandy landings, Uccellini Ed.Multimedia has gathered pictures and snapshots by two photography authors who, though with different styles, narrate the places of 20 areas in Lower and Upper Normandy.
Not only, therefore, the famous D-Day beaches with their inexhaustible emotional strength, but also a journey of over 1200 kilometers from Paris through amazing areas. From the woods, ancient cradle and residence of Celtic populations, all the way up to the desolate moorlands of La Hague peninsula. Mandatory visit "beyond the borders" to Mont Saint Michel.

And then again, crossing Normandy bridge, to the lands of the Calvados, to the famous Etretat cliffs and to the Fécamp dock.

Beside the author photos, you will be offered historical data, local legends, touristic itineraries, useful information, geolocation of the sites in on-line and off-line mode and many more peculiarities of each single place. Which is why this eBook represents a real point of reference for a tour on the road of magic and mighty Normandy.

Furthermore, a precious gem: the chapter about D-day is particularly important for the presence of sources with a considerable historical relevance, coming from the personal archive of Sergeant Walter Rosenblum, member of U.S Signal Corps who, with his team of collaborators, landed with the first wave on famous Omaha Beach.
If you plan on visiting Normandy, this eBook is you exclusive entry ticket!!!


- 293 photographs

- 11 illustrations

- 6 original documents about D-day

- 1 clip video


- Senonches and Natural Regional Park of Perche;

- Saint-Céreni-le Gérei;

- Domfront;

- Lonlay l'Abbay;

- Granville;

- Le Rozel;

- Jobourg;

- Goury;

- Barfleur;

- Sainte Mère Église;

- D-day;

- Honfleur;

- Étretat;

- Fècamp;

- (extra) Mont Saint Michel