Black Buck - Mateo Askaripour

Black Buck

By Mateo Askaripour

  • Release Date: 2021-01-05
  • Genre: African American
Score: 4
From 109 Ratings


A New York Times Bestseller 
A Read with Jenna Today Show Book Club Pick!

“Askaripour closes the deal on the first page of this mesmerizing novel, executing a high wire act full of verve and dark, comic energy.”
—Colson Whitehead, author of The Nickel Boys

“A hilarious, gleaming satire as radiant as its author. Askaripour has announced himself as a major talent of the school of Ralph Ellison, Paul Beatty, Fran Ross, and Ishmael Reed. Full of quick pacing, frenetic energy, absurd—yet spot on—twists and turns, and some of the funniest similes I’ve ever read, this novel is both balm and bomb.”
—Nafissa Thompson-Spires, author of Heads of the Colored People

For fans of Sorry to Bother You and The Wolf of Wall Street—a crackling, satirical debut novel about a young man given a shot at stardom as the lone Black salesman at a mysterious, cult-like, and wildly successful startup where nothing is as it seems.

There’s nothing like a Black salesman on a mission.

An unambitious twenty-two-year-old, Darren lives in a Bed-Stuy brownstone with his mother, who wants nothing more than to see him live up to his potential as the valedictorian of Bronx Science. But Darren is content working at Starbucks in the lobby of a Midtown office building, hanging out with his girlfriend, Soraya, and eating his mother’s home-cooked meals. All that changes when a chance encounter with Rhett Daniels, the silver-tongued CEO of Sumwun, NYC’s hottest tech startup, results in an exclusive invitation for Darren to join an elite sales team on the thirty-sixth floor.

After enduring a “hell week” of training, Darren, the only Black person in the company, reimagines himself as “Buck,” a ruthless salesman unrecognizable to his friends and family. But when things turn tragic at home and Buck feels he’s hit rock bottom, he begins to hatch a plan to help young people of color infiltrate America’s sales force, setting off a chain of events that forever changes the game.

Black Buck is a hilarious, razor-sharp skewering of America’s workforce; it is a propulsive, crackling debut that explores ambition and race, and makes way for a necessary new vision of the American dream.


  • OMG!

    By Alpha Mary
    Mind blowing to the very last page.
  • Black Buck Review

    By Shelly92084
    “I didn’t want to start my career, especially as the only Black person in the room, as some wind-up monkey that would bang his cymbals whenever white people wanted him to.” This!!!! As someone who has been the only Black person in an all white office environment, I definitely related to this book as far as the frustration goes of being in that position goes. It felt like being under a microscope at all times and I had to conduct myself a certain way at all times while others didn’t. Also dealing with stereotypes. I’ll never forget the look on their faces when they found out I attended Catholic school. 🙃 The story is told in five parts. I really enjoyed the first three parts. Part four lost me a little not going to lie. Part 5 was buck wild (see what I did there) and I didn’t expect that ending at all!! This was a solid debut and I’m highly anticipating Askaripour next novel. This quote took me out clean. “If you’re a black man, the key to any white person’s heart is the ability to shuck, jive or freestyle. But use it wisely and sparingly. Otherwise you’re liable to turn into Steve Harvey.” Deceased. CW: One of the main characters calls the workers the “r” word.
  • Black Buck

    By Walker513
    Really enjoyed this page turner... compelling story with oh many twists and turns.
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  • RING RING - Answer the Call to this 5-Star Debut Novel

    By happytroyboy
    This is simply a MUST for you to get this fantastic book to start off your 2021. It crackles with a fresh electricity that will make you feel alive. ⚡️✨⚡️ I’ve been singing the praises of this awesome book since @netgalley was kind enough to give me an advance copy to read. No joke the first 3 pages had me ready to go along on the mission - Buck’s mission - as the sole black employee at Sumwun , a NYC tech startup after he’s handpicked by the CEO after their chance encounter at the building lobby’s @starbucks to join their sales ranks. His story will captivate you, enthrall you, piss you off, make you laugh, think deeply about race relations in the workplace and about family bonds and personal self-growth. I love Buck because he’s a character that will stay with me forever. I’ll think about his well-being. He’s not a perfect person and there are choices I wish he hadn’t made, but it’s real. You feel the weight of his emotions. We all make decisions in life that everyone won’t always agree with, but you still love them. Buck’s voice will stay in your head. The book is also interspersed with amazing sales and life tips throughout that struck a cord with me as I read. It acts like an inspirational and wise sales manual within the overall story. I read this book 📖 from #netgalley on my new @amazonkindle and then also listened to chapters on @librofm and without a doubt this audiobook is absolute 🔥 and the narrator @childish_gamzeno is dynamite 🧨 He can read any audiobook in the future for me. 🎧 📖 Then I also had to buy my own physical copy of the book from my @bookofthemonth club because I needed this on my bookshelves forever. I can’t wait to read more from Mateo in the future. His voice in writing is bold and I’ll buy whatever he’s selling in the future. Congratulations to Mateo and @hmhbooks for this art. Ring Ring IYKYK ☎️ Now go out and buy it everyone!! It’s out today!! Oh and @readwithjenna also just announced it as her January pick too so what are you waiting for and start ordering!! #BookedBySimplyTroy 😉 . #netgalleygoals #librofm #bookofthemonth #readwithjenna #mateoaskaripour #jennahagerbush #blackbuck #guyswhoread #blacklivesmatter