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Escape from Sobibor Summary

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  • Release Date: 2016-11-05
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Learn About The Sobibor Concentration Camp And The People Who Escaped In A Fraction Of The Time It Takes To Read The Actual Book!!!

Escape from Sobibor builds the personality and heart of the story it contains by firstly focussing on the personality and story of Shlomo, a Jewish boy sent to the camp who survives as a Goldsmith for the Nazis. It tells of how he and his family were impacted by the Nazis before being taken to the camp, and the trials he had to go through before he even gets there. This sets the reader up to realise the fact the Nazis would kill the Jews is not out of character from how we have seen them so far, and this also adds a new level of evil to how they are established.
Shlomo’s caring nature for his brothers and family shows how many of the people who went to Sobibor would have felt. He can act as a placeholder for almost anyone who goes into the camp, with just his skill at Goldsmithing saving his life over everyone else. This also shows how the Nazis in charge of the camp reduced the personality, experiences, and everything that makes a person who they are.
Richard Rashke focusses so much on Shlomo and the personality of a select few workers of the camp that the reader forms a connection with them, making their fate more impactful. He also builds on the personality of the Jewish prisoners. In modern holocaust study the Jewish are painted as victims and all grouped together into a faceless mass rather than shown as individual people with emotions and families, just as anyone alive today. By focussing on a select few, he shows the personalities that readers can recognise and reflect on rather than just telling of the acts that were committed onto a faceless group.
Rashke also chose to tell this story as it is one not commonly known to the general public. It shows that there were many camps built to kill and contain not only Jewish, but other types of populations the Nazis did not like. The only reason Sobibor is known is due to the escape, so therefore its story should be shared as much as possible because it is one the Nazis tried so hard to hide. Rashke chose to share the story for this reason, one of defiance towards those that hurt so many.
The book is based on interviews with the survivors of the camp and those that experienced the escape first hand so the content sticks to their stories as much as possible to truly show the truth. His passion about the subject and telling the truth is reflected in the content of the writing and also the focus on the individual person rather than the people. This creates a book that will stay with a reader forever and teach them more about the holocaust and World War 2 than they will have learnt from education or books that just present the facts without the heart.

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